As travel slowly becomes possible again, there are a lot of people we all want to see. Friends and co-workers are one thing, but nothing feels the same as seeing your family. Whether you will be packing up for a trip across the country or getting everything ready to host on your own, a lot of us are excited to see our grandparents, cousins, aunts, nephews and all the rest.


The family reunion is an age-old tradition and, especially if there are no weddings or christenings coming up, a great way to see your extended group of special people. It can really be a monumental event for a family, with grandparents seeing babies for the first time, new important significant others getting introduced to the whole clan and many other meaningful exchanges. It is certainly worth commemorating with a personalized gift for each attendee. Think of how happy you will be remembering that day or weekend, for years to come.


Let’s take a look at some great ideas for a customized souvenir for the big day.


●      Mason Jars

This works great for the family that loves to celebrate together. Filled with lemonade or something stronger, enjoy a round of toasts and say “cheers!” with all those important people in your life. What’s amazing about the mason jar trend is the design - it is actually a jar. So, that means no spills for anyone, aged 2 to 92.


This is a great way to include the date of the event, your family name and perhaps a family motto. Combining function with a fun style, these cups are also easy to transport back home for all your guests.


●      Tote Bags

With everyone trading photos, recipes, gifts and cards, you can be sure there will be extra things to carry by the end of the party. A tote bag can go a long way to packing those little mementos and presents. And totes are easy to carry on a plane or tuck into the trunk of your car.


Once home, the bags will remind your loved ones of the fun they had. You could even provide your group with fabric-friendly markers so they can further personalize each other’s totes with messages and drawings.


The bags are great to keep in the bag for grocery or clothing shopping, or tucked in a purse or backpack, for any of life’s little adventures where you acquire extra stuff.


●      Cutting Boards

Customizing a cutting board is a unique and useful way to memorialize the reunion. This is a really fitting gift for the family who loves to cook for each other and enjoy a meal together.


The fun thing about this choice is the versatility. You can have the cutting board out on your counter for your daily cooking, as a way to keep your family on your mind. You could also mount it on the wall as a memento of the event. A cutting board is something you will get a lot more use from than a tee shirt, and it will be around for a longer time too.